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Britannia NutriChoice
Health Snacks
Britannia NutriChoice has established itself as a niche brand in the health category, differentiating itself as a healthy snacking option. From sharing of healthy recipes to conceptualizing avant-garde campaigns, it has a digital presence which is unique and highly engaging. It keeps the buzz alive through periodic campaigns and seems to hit a healthy chord with the today’s seemingly calorie-conscious consumer.
BBI of four weeks.
Popularity Score

A brand's popularity score is the based on user activities on social media, the amount of content generated and the popularity of the website.

Sentiments ( 10 Sep - 17 Sep )
67.5% Positive
32.5% Neutral
0% Negative
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Top Gainers in Popularity
Brand Name Popularity Score Gain
McVities 31 +10
Dhara Cooking Oils 15 +9
Philips Lighting 41 +8
Virality Score

A brand's virality score is calculated from the amount of shares it generates on social media and other digital assets, the spread and propagation of the brand mentions.

Virality On Social Media ( 10 Sep - 17 Sep )
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Top Gainers in Virality
Brand Name Virality Score Gain
Mumbai Indians 52 +9
Dove 28 +8
Samsung 54 +7
Conversation Score

A brand's conversation score is calculated from the amount of user generated comments i.e. people talking to the brand on social media and other digital assets.

Social Media Conversation ( 10 Sep - 17 Sep )
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Top Gainers in Conversation
Brand Name Conversation Score Gain
Kings XI Punjab 42 +13
Catch Foods 19 +9
McVities 34 +9
Engagement Score

A brand's engagement score is calculated from the amount of interactions users make with the brand on social media and other brand assets.

FACEBOOK Active User Ratio ( 10 Sep - 17 Sep )
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Top Gainers in Engagement
Brand Name Engagement Score Gain
Samsung 56 +17
Apollo Tyres 27 +5
Eveready Lighting 8 +5
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