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The Lenovo business has undergone a dramatic transformation, becoming a global leader not just in PCs but also in tablets, smartphones and a range of other devices. As our business has transformed, so too has our brand. Our Brand identity showcases the attitude and energy imbibed in the culture of our company. We power ideas that help shape the future. If you have a vision, we have the passion to bring it to life. For us, Innovation Never Stands Still.
BBI of four weeks.
Popularity Score

A brand's popularity score is the based on user activities on social media, the amount of content generated and the popularity of the website.

Sentiments ( 24 Dec - 31 Dec )
15.3% Positive
80.5% Neutral
4.2% Negative
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Top Gainers in Popularity
Brand Name Popularity Score Gain
Lenovo 43 +15
Philips Lighting 42 +12
Apollo Tyres 24 +11
Virality Score

A brand's virality score is calculated from the amount of shares it generates on social media and other digital assets, the spread and propagation of the brand mentions.

Virality On Social Media ( 24 Dec - 31 Dec )
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Top Gainers in Virality
Brand Name Virality Score Gain
Apollo Tyres 15 +5
Lenovo 57 +5
Soulfull 6 +4
Conversation Score

A brand's conversation score is calculated from the amount of user generated comments i.e. people talking to the brand on social media and other digital assets.

Social Media Conversation ( 24 Dec - 31 Dec )
41397 TWEETS
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Top Gainers in Conversation
Brand Name Conversation Score Gain
Soulfull 26 +14
Wipro North West 20 +14
Good Year Tyres 26 +14
Engagement Score

A brand's engagement score is calculated from the amount of interactions users make with the brand on social media and other brand assets.

FACEBOOK Active User Ratio ( 24 Dec - 31 Dec )
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Top Gainers in Engagement
Brand Name Engagement Score Gain
Fortune Foods 13 +6
Havells Switches 11 +5
Havells Lighting 11 +5
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