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Mumbai Indians
Cricket Teams
The IPL’s come and go but fans stay - to keep them in the loop is no child’s play. Though the digital efforts of Mumbai Indians are visible, the audience does not have enough reason to believe that it has retained its popularity from the good old IPL days. In today’s age when both, UGC and cricket are worshipped, a brand must marry a mélange of both, or fall prey to the rare-yet-common hit-wicket syndrome.
BBI of four weeks.
Popularity Score

A brand's popularity score is the based on user activities on social media, the amount of content generated and the popularity of the website.

Sentiments ( 10 Sep - 17 Sep )
42% Positive
37.6% Neutral
20.5% Negative
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Top Gainers in Popularity
Brand Name Popularity Score Gain
McVities 31 +10
Dhara Cooking Oils 15 +9
Philips Lighting 41 +8
Virality Score

A brand's virality score is calculated from the amount of shares it generates on social media and other digital assets, the spread and propagation of the brand mentions.

Virality On Social Media ( 10 Sep - 17 Sep )
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Top Gainers in Virality
Brand Name Virality Score Gain
Mumbai Indians 52 +9
Dove 28 +8
Samsung 54 +7
Conversation Score

A brand's conversation score is calculated from the amount of user generated comments i.e. people talking to the brand on social media and other digital assets.

Social Media Conversation ( 10 Sep - 17 Sep )
40047 TWEETS
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Top Gainers in Conversation
Brand Name Conversation Score Gain
Kings XI Punjab 42 +13
Catch Foods 19 +9
McVities 34 +9
Engagement Score

A brand's engagement score is calculated from the amount of interactions users make with the brand on social media and other brand assets.

FACEBOOK Active User Ratio ( 10 Sep - 17 Sep )
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Top Gainers in Engagement
Brand Name Engagement Score Gain
Samsung 56 +17
Apollo Tyres 27 +5
Eveready Lighting 8 +5
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