Brand Buzz Index

The digital consumer's universe revolves around communities. Sharing photos, reviewing products, writing blogs, watching videos, bookmarking favorites, playing games, seeking opinions - the list of communities built around common interests and services is endless.

The rise of time-spent on digital media has compelled brands to accelerate efforts in engaging their TG on such communities. Everyone is ready to jump on the latest bandwagon; and Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are the current darlings. Analyzing the success of these marketing efforts is a different story altogether, since there is no standard to define and measure meaningful outcomes. With each service and publisher providing their very own audience engagement metrics, the Brand Manager is paralyzed with data.

To help simplify life for the brand manager, BBI engine is designed to scrape audience engagement data from multiple digital channels (over 10 different community clusters) and store it in a warehouse. Over 200 streams of data are extracted from these clusters and classified daily.

Every week, this classified data is then pumped through a proprietary computing engine.

which in turn processes the data collected. The resultant data is mapped into 4 key dimensions of Brand Buzz – Popularity, Virality, Engagement and Conversation.

Popularity Score
Popularity is a representation of the volume and nature of mentions a brand gets.
Virality Score
Virality indicates the speed and depth of travel of branded content via users.
Conversation Score
Conversation is linked to volume of user comments and posts a brand can generate.
Engagement Score
Engagement considers all the dimensions of interactions the user has with a brand.

The 4 key dimension values are used to compute a composite Brand Buzz Index which is presented on a scale of 0-1000. The index serves as a relative indication of a brand's performance, compared to other brands in a category or even across categories.

So what is unique about Brand Buzz Index?

It covers Product and Service Brands that impact your life as a Brand Manager.
It is the world's first measuring service that takes a holistic view of a brand's buzz online.
It is simple to understand, platform agnostic, and future ready.
It is a social platform to discover & discuss what works to create buzz.

Benchmark your brand's performance against the best in the category. Start now.